We’re mad as hell…and we’re not gonna take this anymore.

We are rolling up to the first anniversary of this blog; a place that has become a collection of thoughts and musings for me over the last year. I have always tried to keep the space light-hearted and relatable to anyone who may stumble across it. This post, unfortunately, is going to change all that because yesterday I got angry. Angrier than I have been in a very long time. The kind of seething anger that you feel bubble into your fingertips. This kind of anger is complicated because it is pointless and impotent. I am frustrated by my lack of ability to change the situation and appalled at the apathy and inertia from the very people who COULD make a change.

You see, I live in a bungalow on snaking back lane in Meath. It’s quiet. It’s rural. The cows sometimes keep me awake at night, but other than that it’s gloriously peaceful. I have lived here since I was 12, and I have always known it to be a safe place; until the last year or so. That’s no longer the case.

This lane has become a magnet for illegal dumping, and frankly, we are sick of it. This post isn’t going to be long; hopefully you don’t need me to ramble on at you about why it’s not nice to have someone’s household waste, rotting food, old bathrooms, mattresses or car parts etc. slowly decomposing within a 2km radius of your home. Hopefully that’s just a no-brainer to you.

Safety & Security

Aside from the obvious unsightliness and potential pollution to environment and wildlife, I am no longer feel safe to walk my dog on the lane for fear that I interrupt some dumping taking place. I don’t want to be alone faced with the kind of person who does this. It has happened, and I will tell you that it’s not nice. Thankfully I was with my 6ft4″ husband, but even he didn’t want to take on this individual. “Keep driving. Keep the head down. There’s nothing we can do”. That’s a horrible feeling.

Meath County Council

I am looking directly at you Meath County Council, square in the eyes. You are aware of this issue, it has been reported to you by email and phone from multiple people on multiple occasions. You know what we face on an almost weekly basis with the contents of white vans being deposited in our waters and our roadways. You were made aware of the crates of rotting carcasses that were dumped in the ditches; creating a biohazard for wildlife, pets and people. There the meat sits. Rotting. You have done nothing to support us. You allow our children and pets to remain exposed to pollution; you turn a blind eye and disregard the growing issue. It’s not your issue yet. Sure, it’s only a few people down a laneway. It’s only 2km of road. How bad could it be?
It’s bad. It’s worse than any of us has ever seen it. And we are now saying that we are mad as hell, and we aren’t gonna take this any more.

Welcome to Meath. Where no one will stop you dumping.

CCTV is the only solution here. The removal of rubbish is not working. Meath CoCo have been ineffective in this action, and we have given them a chance. Prevention through dissuasion is the only answer now. CCTV must, unfortunately, be placed in the problem areas without further delay before one of us is beaten up on a walk, one of our pets is killed or injured or before the rat issue in the area becomes any worse.
The clock is ticking…

We are not alone. Please comment below.

This issue is not unique to our stretch of road. Please lend your voice to this conversation. If you and your area is a victim to this kind of behaviour, please share your story. Name and shame your County Council. Call on your local Councilor. Our voices won’t be ignored if we stand together.

Rotting carcasses, decomposing
Before you see it, you’ll smell it
Just strewn along the laneway. Calling in the rats
More rotting carcasses
Getting your bathroom done? We’ll take away your old one. No extra charge!
15 black bags floating in the ditch…
…and there it shall stay
It’s a car, Jim, but not as we know it

Tamara is the self-proclaimed Unqualified Blogger. She is a freelance Copywriter and Marketing Communications / Brand Strategist and Creative Generalist. She is available for speech writing, tattoo conventions and karaoke parties or would love to work with you on your latest marketing or creative challenges. Stay in touch on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or Contact her directly.


  1. This is disgusting behaviour, and there should be deterrents and sanctions for people who treat our countryside in this way. I hope this is cleaned up and that Meath County Council take action to find out who is doing this and stop them.

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  2. That’s absolutely shocking! Please email me your exact location and I will take immediate action! I would appreciate if you name who you have been dealing with in Meath County Council so that I can get to the bottom of this. In my experience as a Local Councillor, the Environment Team are extremely proactive in combating illegal waste and taking people to court successfully. My email is sharon.tolan@members.meathcoco.ie
    Thanks, Sharon

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    • Email sent to you immediately with further details. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this situation. I am looking forward to hearing your update in due course.


  3. Disgusting, vile, foul, nauseating are just some of the words that come to mind when I see this. These sadistic flytippers need to be stopped at all costs. There’s one thing when you come across old bits of cars, bottles and cans on the lane but to experience the smell of not one but 5 crates of rotten carcasses strewn across the beautiful countryside, it’s time for action. A comprehensive clean-up and CCTV at the hotspots is A MUST

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  4. Yes this is a massive issue for me also I am saddened to see the amount of dumping here each week there is a van load of new items left rotting in the fields . I also had one of my dogs approach crates of raw meat , the smell was horrendous and it’s still there a week later at the side of the road. It’s no longer safe to walk what was a beautiful scenic rural lane . The only solution here is getting cameras installed there is no other option . Removing the waste is only encouraging more dumping. I have also spoken to MCC about this but have not heard or seen anything more on this matter 😔

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  5. Dumping has been a problem on Beabeg Lane for years, this is not a new issue. It has however, appeared to escalate to extreme levels over the last few months. Over the few years complaints have been made over and over. Large piles of rubbish have after some time been removed, perhaps my meath county council, but just as likely by local farmers. But along almost the entire length of the lane, the ditches still contain the slowly decomposing evidence of years of abuse. Its one thing to come and remove a pile of old tyres or and old sofa, but a much deeper clean of the area is whats really needed. Its heartbreaking to drive through Julianstown and its well maintained clean streets, just to turn two corners and be faced with this sight everyday. The absolute lack of action to combat the issue has clearly led to the lane gaining a reputation amongst the animals responsible for the dumping, as a safe place to do so. I have attempted to question and intervene on more than one occasion and been met with hostility and treats.

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  6. Meath County Council needs to respond and take action to halt the destruction of this lovely countryside area. All rubbish and waste should be removed immediately and Swift action taken to find the perpratrators and put a halt to the fear and upset caused to locals living in the area .

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  7. This is absolutely shocking! Where are the punishments for these people? Disgusting disgraceful behaviour! All too common an occurrence in the more rural parts of Louth and Meath counties. Only the corporations and County Councils taking action to identify the perpetrators will bring it to an end. This needs to be acted upon now!

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  8. I’m absolutely disgusted to see this. This a beautiful country lane with many residents on it and no-one should have to live in other people’s filth. Action needs to be taken in catching the perpetrators. Meath county council need to act.

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