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Do something awesome in 2020

As I sit down to write some words for all your fabulous eyeballs, I cannot help being acutely aware of the fact that not only are we on the doorstep of a whole new year but we are also teetering elegantly into a whole new decade.
But hang on a second…it only feels like yesterday that I was 16, sneaking cans of beer at a family party for the millennium countdown, and here we are; 20 years later! What the actual hell?! At the risk of creating a blog post filled entirely of cliches, I think it’s not unreasonable to say that time flies, blink and you’ll miss it, where did the years go? etc. etc. 

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I am generally not one for new year’s eve. I prefer to hold court on the sofa with the fire lit and a good movie, but I can’t help but feel a bubbling sense of excitement this year. I don’t know why, but I think if we all put our heads together we can make 2020 just a little bit class.  It’s this energetic positivity that is driving me forward with a determination to share a some new year awesomeness vibes this year.

Believe you can, because guess what…you can!

2019 saw me turn 35, by which age I should, arguably, know better. It was also the year that I consciously and intentionally stopped letting the monsters drive the bus. I put an end to the exogenous and endogenous voices telling me I’m not enough, not worthy, not clever, not fit enough to pursue my passions.

2019 saw me turn mountains into molehills and put my passion to work. I turned a nasty situation on its head and in doing so I somehow managed to set up my own marketing consultancy and undertake 1 year’s training to deliver my long term dream of becoming a yoga teacher.

But you see, my little monster would lead me to believe that I’m too old to start out as a yoga teacher. That same little monster tells me that I have nothing to bring to creative marketing and that I will never be able to network effectively, let alone run a business.

And what happens if that imposter has the loudest voice in the room? I will tell you what happens. You get inertia. Lack of confidence. Anxiety. If your imposter is sitting on your shoulder they have the vantage point to scream in your ear and amplify your deepest insecurities and I will tell you, it takes a strange mix of bone headedness and courage to ignore it.

But ignore it you must! 

The J.F.D.I. approach 

You might say this is my 2020 New Year’s Resolution, but I had a good warm-up to it in late 2019. The Just F*cking Do It (J.F.D.I.) approach is my continuous reminder to myself to just show up and make something happen. No matter what happens, you need to have a commitment to show up for yourself, put the monsters to bed and J.F.D.I.

What’s the worst that can happen? Really?! Failure? Embarrassment? Debt? I think all of those things are worth the risk if you learn something about yourself and gain the self-respect of going out on a limb.

Is inertia better than failure? Is anxiety better than exposure? I really don’t think so, so I have decided to J.F.D.I. 

Resolutions are so 2019. You need a plan.

There are two types of person in this world; those who love new years resolutions, and those who vehemently oppose them, and I can see both sides to this festive coin. I love starting new projects or exciting commitments, so a new year feels like a blank slate full of possibility. But resolutions are often idealistic, overwhelming, too ambitious or not meaningful enough to stick around past January.

You want to quit smoking, write a book, lose weight, get fit or something else equally enigmatic. But what does it really mean to “lose weight”? Losing one pound is losing weight, so have you achieved success? You want to write a book? Amazing! But nobody ever sat down and wrote their book in one sitting.

You need a plan to support your path to awesomeness. 

A worksheet for 2020 domination

If you need some creative inspiration I have built a planning worksheet that will help you along your way. This short exercise will guide you as you carve out some meaningful milestones for your fledgling awesomeness.

Page 1 of my planning worksheet. Click the image for more info.

Some small ideas for big changes 

You don’t have to go out tomorrow and start a new business or write a book to be awesome. By committing to some smaller, meaningful changes you can get the feel-good fuzzies flowing and continue your inspiration past the end of January. 
Here are some small ideas that you can think about embracing in the new year.

“I can’t help but feel a bubbling sense of excitement this year. I don’t know why, but I think if we all put our heads together we can make 2020 just a little bit class.”

Make business cards 

You don’t need to own a business or wait for your employer to get your fine ass some business cards. Get over to Canva and for a very small investment, you can design and print your own custom made business cards to sling out when the time is right. Because you won’t be representing a company you can be as daring, funny, colourful or artistic as you want. 

Meet someone inspiring 

We’ve all encountered fantastic people in our lives or careers. They are the people who’ve made an impact on how you felt about yourself or how you saw the world. Why not get over to LinkedIn and reconnect with someone who you think is awesome? Have a coffee or lunch and tap into some mutual inspiration. 

image credit: marten bjork, unsplash

Reconnect with your ‘self’ through movement 

Rather than trying to “get fit” in 2020 (what does that even mean?!) why don’t you make a commitment to connect with yourself through movement. Once or twice a week break a sweat by moving your body in some way. Any way! This leaves you open to running, walking, dancing, yoga, pilates etc. By not limiting yourself to one thing (“I’m going spinning 4 days a week!”) you leave yourself open to intrigue and excitement. 

meet up once a week 

Set aside one lunch / coffee / meet up per week to connect. It could be a close colleague or someone who you would like to build a new relationship with. By quietly and intentionally allocating time each week to growing your personal network you will start to see new relationships sprout or old ones develop. 

Write yourself a letter 

At the start of a new year I will generally write a note to myself in my journal. I take the time to acknowledge the struggles, personal growth and wins from the past 12 months. You can use this approach to recognise the ambitions you have for the year ahead too, where you want to go, how you want to get there etc. Get creative with the format, it doesn’t have to be a journal. Send yourself an email with delayed delivery for 5 year’s time or post a letter marked “not to be opened till New Year’s Eve 2030”. 

Take up sea swimming 

I have a sneaking suspicion that anyone who braves the cold, open water is secretly a superhero. I have a hankering to join them…

Join a charity board

Boardmatch.ie is a service that works a bit like a job seeking website and connects viable candidates with charities currently looking for board members. Register your profile and find a board near you in need of your expertise.

Let’s meet up! 

I’m an inspiration sponge right now, sucking up great vibes and sharing them around (weird analogy, but let’s run with it…)

If you want to connect with a real life human, why don’t we have a coffee?! I’m open to collaborating with all sorts of awesome people who are on various stages of their own personal crusade to take over the world in 2020 so get in touch! 

Tamara is the self-proclaimed Unqualified Blogger. She is a freelance Copywriter and Marketing Communications / Brand Strategist and Creative Generalist. She is available for speech writing, tattoo conventions and karaoke parties or would love to work with you on your latest marketing or creative challenges. Stay in touch on Instagram,  Facebook,  LinkedIn or Twitter . Or feel free to Contact her directly.

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  1. You can taste the enthuasism jumping off the screen while reading that! Your energy is infectious. Just downloaded your spreadsheet. You’re inspiring me!! Can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for us all. X


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