Who is the Unqualified Blogger?

I am a heavily-tattooed, hyperopic Communications Consultant (copywriter / marketing communication strategist / creative generalist) based in Ireland. Traditionally I have worked in the Dublin region but I secretly crave my quiet life at home in the country with my husband, Richie and Doberman, Ripley.

I am an energetic, creative and shrewdly-organised professional combining over 10 years of management experience in consumer marketing, branding, brand strategy development, advertising, email marketing and concept development. I believe in listening to my Clients and in turn allowing them to listen to their customer so we can find the right message, in the right place at the right time. 

I am known for being able to subsume a Brand’s unique identity and adapting my writing Tone of Voice to suit, as well as for my stunning and strategic social media conversation calendars.

I would love to connect with you, so for all things Unqualified Bloggery you can get me on; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Hire Me!

If you have a project you want to chat about, a speaking opportunity, guest posting idea or you just want to discuss the concept of a higher power that exists simultaneously outside and within us all, feel free to drop me a line. 

Because of my diverse background I can explore a wide range of projects or more niche single-focus tasks you might be stuck with. It can’t hurt to have a call and chat things through!

Tamara Howard

Human of Ireland.
Yogi in Training.

This blog was originally established in 2018 as a battle cry against my imposter syndrome. I had had enough of my saboteur calling the shots and making the big life decisions, so I set to task documenting my evolution. I was determined to get to a place where I called the shots, and the clammy palms of the imposter was a thing of the past. 
What started out as a hobby has evolved into a fully-fledged way of living. Moving into the freelance space allows me to embrace these pages as my shining portfolio, as well as a personal documentary of the supreme chaos that is our shared time on this little blue ball.
Enjoy reading, leave a comment, tell a friend! Love to you all.