Human of Ireland.
Yogi in Training.

This blog was originally established in 2018 as a battle cry against my imposter syndrome. I had had enough of my saboteur calling the shots and making the big life decisions, so I set to task documenting my evolution. I was determined to get to a place where I called the shots, and the clammy palms of the imposter was a thing of the past. 

What started out as a hobby has evolved into a fully-fledged way of living. Moving into the freelance space allows me to embrace these pages as my shining portfolio, as well as a personal documentary of the supreme chaos that is our shared time on this little blue ball.

Enjoy reading, leave a comment, tell a friend! Love to you all.

Who is the Unqualified Blogger?

I am a heavily-tattooed, hyperopic Communications Consultant (copywriter / marketing communication strategist / creative generalist) based in Ireland. Traditionally I have worked in the Dublin region but I secretly crave my quiet life at home in the country with my husband, Richie and Doberman, Ripley.

I run a Marketing & Communications consultancy (Tamara Howard Communications) and am passionate about creating opportunities for businesses to have meaningful conversations with their customers.

I have been writing & journaling for years and am on a constant journey of curiosity and exploration in this craycray world. When I’m not writing you will find me doing wobbly yoga as I complete my 250 hour teacher training. Namaste.

I would love to connect with you, so for all things Unqualified Bloggery you can get me on; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Hire Me!

If you have a project you want to chat about, a speaking opportunity, guest posting idea or you just want to discuss the concept of a higher power that exists simultaneously outside and within us all, feel free to drop me a line. 

Because of my diverse background I can explore a wide range of projects or more niche single-focus tasks you might be stuck with. It can’t hurt to have a call and chat things through!

Tamara Howard