About me


Are you familiar with that stomach-churning knowledge that any day now someone is going to notice you…as you sit there…trying to bluff your way through as your voice cracks and your hands sweat. Urging yourself not to listen as that little, all-too-familiar voice creeps into the back of your mind; “who are you kidding?! They know…you’re not getting away with it this time…”

That has been the pervasive narrative of my 33 years on this little blue ball. Self-doubt. Self-criticism. And never even ONCE thinking about allowing myself to stop and celebrate my successes.

The time has come for me to say that I have had ENOUGH! Enough of the noise! No, I am not a qualified chef…but that doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t concoct some of the most spectacular gastronomic events known to mankind (or maybe husband-kind..). No, I am not a qualified personal trainer or coach, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t share the highs and often-epic lows of my relationship with my body and how I stay in what I believe to be pretty ok shape. No, I am not a professional writer or journalist, but hey I have been known to spin a yarn that sounds…ya know…kinda nice and good and stuff.

I can admit it now. I am not a specialist in most things, but I am a generalist in some things and some of those things are worth talking to you about. I am passionate, creative and energetic and sometimes I think that this world today could benefit from not taking itself so goddamn seriously all the time.

So I have realised that by embracing my imposter syndrome I get to take ownership. It’s the vehicle by which I get to say “Hey…I’m no expert but how COOL is this?!”. And that’s what I want to do. I want to explore the world with intrigue and curiosity, and if something comes along that I think you might like…well then I will tell you all about it!

Tamara (LadyTim)