My Process

Every piece of work is a fabulous little snowflake, complete with intricacies, delicacies and completely unique qualities. Some projects will be longer-term and we will spend more time working through steps 1 and 2, others will be dead simple so we can move through the steps quickly. Repeat Clients who have worked with me multiple times may skip ahead completely, so it really will depend. 

This guide should give you a general understanding at the outset of what you can expect when collaborating with me. Needless to say, at each step in the process, you can have the security that I am no more than a phone call away, so updates or amendments are no issue at all. Communication is maintained throughout!

1. The Briefing

As a first step I will ask you to complete a comprehensive briefing document outlining your key challenges & objectives as well as the proposed work you believe is required. It’s up to you how much / how little detail is needed in this document; not all projects are created equal, so a different approach will be taken every time. 
You can also include any additional document or detail at this step (for example brand guidelines or writing style); which you feel is crucial for my complete understanding. I will read it all thoroughly and completely.

2. The Chat

When I get your briefing & any corresponding information the next step is for us to have a quick chat / coffee / skype call to iron out any details or additional questions that might have arisen during my review.
This step is crucial for me to have a really solid grasp on the exact parameters of your unique requirements.

3. The Quote

Armed and fully equipped from step 1 & 2, I will be able to turn this around quickly. You can have confidence in the fact that the price you see will be the true price at the time of delivery. Every quote will have a clear outline of not just the final value, but a breakdown of how I have arrived at that price so you have a clear understanding of what work is being done on your project.
I don’t have an army of personnel working under me, so my prices are based on my time to deliver your exciting work.

I believe in absolute transparency and honesty at every step in my working process, but particularly at this point. Nobody likes surprises, so I keep the WOWs for the work I do, not for the hidden charges.  

4. The Agreement

By this stage we know exactly what you need to see, what outcome you are expecting and the price you will be paying at the end. I will now summarise all these factors with an agreed delivery time frame and issue for your approval.
This is my green light to hit the decks and get to work on your project. Woooo! 

5. The Delivery

You will receive your work, as expected, on or before the agreed date.
Bish, bash, bosh.

6. The Review

Many companies will charge you for re-writes, reviews or final edits, but I want every one of my Clients to be completely happy with not just my final work but with the entire process. For this reason I won’t charge you for any tweaks or updates you think are needed to achieve your perfect outcome. I have absolute faith that with a solid briefing and clear communication throughout, the need for rewrites is minimal.
This step is included for your peace of mind! 

I can’t wait to get stuck into the nitty gritty details of your project, so feel free to drop me a line and we can get the ball rolling today. 

Tamara Howard